About Us


Meet Susie

Susie is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Personal Life Coach. Her counseling approach is simple: she focuses on the therapeutic relationship between counselor and client first. She believes that trust is the connection that will open the doors to a deeper state of healing. Susie is convinced that, for most people, a sense of belonging is foundational to psychological well-being and she aims to support her clients in discovering their identity so they know that they belong. Susie believes, “when we know our identity, we are able to experience acceptance, integration, and wholeness.” Some of her clients struggle with anxiety, depression, and life transitions. She also works with couples to improve communication and connection. Susie believes that combining the client’s faith and spirituality into their mental health and counseling will help their recovery process. She has experience working with schools, private practices, churches, and college students. She assists adults, couples, and teens from various backgrounds to realize their fullest potential in life; through the development of healthy relationships with their families and community.

Meet Steven

Steven (Mdiv.) is a Professional Life Coach and entrepreneur who has launched
several businesses including a video marketing company and a music education
program that partners with local nonprofits to help students learn by doing what
they love. He has experience working with churches, college students, young
professionals and future entrepreneurs who need help finding their purpose or
taking the next steps to achieve success.
“I guide dreamers through the first steps of starting a business and making sense of
life in order to fulfill their purpose. Susie and I are honored to have the opportunity
to help you grow as we walk with you on your Journey.”